So Why PJ’s?

So Why PJ's?

I’ve already introduced both PJs in general here, and my PJs here.  I’ve told you about my extraordinary technical advisor here.  So I won’t repeat those now. When I first was looking for a hook for a romance series, I knew I wanted to do military romance.  It seemed like there were many romance writers featuring Navy Seals.  And I considered that for a while.  But I’m just a bit too rebellious, I guess.  I wanted something different.

I’d worked for yccsarears on a high mountain Search and Rescue unit and considered using SAR as my hook.

I’d been pondering for a while when I turned out the light one night and I had an AHA moment.  PJs.  We worked with the PJs when we had helicopter rescues.  I knew a little about them but decided at that moment that I’d found my hook. 

After a lot of research and my infamous search for a technical advisor, I jumped in.

Great_Plains_Eastern_New_Mexico_2004The first book True Valor, was born one day when I was driving from the city up to my mountain paradise.  It was a long stretch of flat road – you know the sort – that road when you wonder if there’s anyone left on earth.  Well, as I drove, I was listening to something on the radio and sorta zoned out for a couple seconds.  When I zoned back in, for an instant I didn’t know where I was. 

Thus Nic and Julie’s story was born.

What if you found yourself in your car, dressed in your pajamas, and you could only remember your first name?  What if you were a PJ who had just buried his best friend and comes upon this damsel in distress?

So that’s the origin of the first book.  From there, I planned out the rest of a five-book series. 

And since I truly believe that our military men are True Heroes, that’s what I titled the series.  So there you have it.  More soon.

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